About ODM

ODM is a company that develops systems and offers consultancy for companies and industries. The focus is to automate and improve decision-making processes by using mathematical tools as numerical analysis, statistics, optimization, and artificial intelligence. For the industry, it generates more profitability, productivity, and efficiency.

The decision support is made available in reports and dashboards that can be easily interpreted, truly supporting decision-making.

ODM is composed of masters and Ph.D.'s in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and computer science, holding experience in decision-making in industries on operational, tactical and strategic levels.



Inteligência artificial

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is understanding the data behavior, learning from the past to get better decisions. The tools and methods from ODM were designed to bring more expertise to your company.

Planejamento de produção

Production planning

Planning and sequencing production is one of the ODM expertise. It is used to organize your production line and to define the best sequence to make your products in such a way that you can improve your production using the same physical resources.

Controle contábil

Cash flow

Cash flow is a management tool which determines how to apply the company's money in a specific period of time. Our algorithms can be used to support decisions about the financial management of cash flow.


Cubage and packing

ODM has cubage and packing algorithms that maximize the utilization of space, considering physical constraints. Therefore, it is possible to define loads in trucks and containers and even define the load of furnaces, which is common in the ceramic industry.

Corte de barras, chapas e afins

Cutting bars, boards and others

ODM has robust systems to reduce the costs of cutting bars, boards and irregular materials (e.g. leather). When cutting in two dimensions, the tools can manage the cut of rectangular and non-rectangular pieces.

Planejamento logístico


Do you want to find the best manner to deliver or collect your products? Our algorithms can find the minimum route cost, hence reducing the waste of money and time.

Controle de estoque

Inventory control

Inventory control is important because it helps to estimate the amount of resource the company have to buy to also ensure the production as well as providing valuable information about the market. ODM has a set of tools that can perform this control optimally.

Escalonamento de funcionários

Timetable scheduling

ODM algorithms determines the best employee scheduling for your business, reducing the amount of overtime paid and improving employee working conditions. The timetable scheduling is often present in carriers, supermarket chains, hospitals, and schools.

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Why ODM?


Professional Ph.D. in mathematics, engineering, and computer science at universities of excellence guaranteeing high-quality consultancies and services offered.

The best decision making

We develop the best solutions for industrial challenges, gathering data science, artificial intelligence, statistics, and optimization.


Our products and services are tailored to your needs, impacting the results and directly on your profit.


Some information is strategic to your business. Therefore, our entire team is committed to the information confidentiality and the products developed to have a high degree of reliability in information security.

Development time

Our experience in data science, system development and agile methodology results in a short development time.

Support and service

Support for the products developed is offered by developers and people connected to the project, ensuring an agile and effective response to your business when you need it most.

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